Bridgestone launched new motorcycle tyres in style

New Battlax A40 and T30 EVO unveiled in southern Portugal

Bridgestone, unveiled its latest breakthrough motorcycle tyres for trail and touring bikes in the spectacular surrounds of southern Portugal. Invitees had the opportunity to test the all-new Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A40 on some of the most thrilling trails around Cape St. Vincent, while the impressive Battlax T30 EVO sport touring tyre will be put to the test on the winding roads overlooking the magnificent Portuguese coastline.

The true meaning of adventure: The Battlax Adventure A40

Bridgestone really pulled out all the stops to expand its premium range of race, sports and touring motorcycle tyres to include the adventure segment. The launch of the Battlax A40 is therefore an emphatic declaration of intent on the part of Bridgestone, capturing the growing market of adventure bike riders who want the extend the all-weather and on-road potential of their machines. And with the Battlax A40, Bridgestone has delivered exactly that. Fusing together its MotoGP™ heritage and the proven performance of the Battle Wing range, this adventure tyre delivers enhanced traction, durability and stability, particularly on wet surfaces.

And what better way to put the versatility and performance of the Battlax A40 to the test than on the breathtaking trails around Portugal’s Cape St. Vincent? Following an extensive product presentation and brief, participants had the chance to try out the Battlax A40 for themselves on a brand-new BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Triumph or Yamaha machine.

Versatile sports touring: The Battlax T30 EVO

Hard on the heels of widespread acclaim for the Battlax Sport Touring T30, Bridgestone has gone a step further with the new and improved Battlax T30 EVO, delivering significantly improved wet performance without sacrificing the T30’s renowned dry-condition performance. The result is a tyre that delivers versatile, consistent and above all confident performance across a wide range of conditions while still promising plenty of sports handling and excitement.

And to prove that the Battlax T30 EVO performs just as well in the dry as its predecessor, Bridgestone has taken to the sun-drenched roads of southern Portugal for an exclusive unveiling of this exciting new tyre.

A new perspective

To cap off the luxury 3-day event from 18-21 April, 85 journalists from across Europe were treated to an adrenalin-fueled scenic helicopter ride, offering a unique perspective on the backdrop to the test rides and presentations of the preceding days. All to enable riders to experience Bridgestone’s latest technological breakthroughs first hand.