Dr John given an R10 prescription by Bridgestone!

A doctor from Northern Ireland who helps to keep scores of bikers safe in road races across the country – including this week’s North West 200 – has been given the perfect tonic from Bridgestone, courtesy of a season’s supply of R10 tyres.

John Hinds, an intensive care consultant and anaesthetist at Craigavon Hospital, gives up his spare time to be an on-track medic at famous Irish road events to ensure any accidents are attended swiftly and initial triage administered where necessary.

But because the Tandragee man carries out the voluntary role without support, he needs all the help he can get to stay safe on the road himself in the first place.

Thankfully, Bridgestone heard about John’s selfless work and agreed to provide him with a supply of MotoGP inspired BATTLAX R10 products for the year.

John, who rides a BMW S1000RR, has already felt the benefit at the Cookstown 100 and Tandragee 100 and will also be present at the North West 200, Skerries, Walderstown, Kells (practice day), Armoy, Ulster Grand Prix and Killalane events.

He said: “I can’t thank Bridgestone enough. The tyres are tremendous and were it not for the donation of them, I would struggle to continue in the role of race doctor.

“Because the courses are between two and nine miles long, they are too short for a helicopter and too long for an ambulance response.

“This makes my role more important as I can be on the scene quickly to administer initial triage and resuscitation.”

Bridgestone’s product manager Gary Hartshorne said: “We know how exciting these road races are but we also know how crucially important it is to have the right medical response on hand.

“Dr John’s role is self-funded and a lot of his voluntary work comes from his own pocket. We were only too pleased to acknowledge his work with a season’s worth of R10 tyres which we know will perform brilliantly in all conditions, at all circuits.”

John has been a keen biker since 1997 and has been on various courses with the police in the off-season to improve his skills as a rider.

He added: “If you are a fan of road racing then there is no better seat in the house than mine. You are giving something back to the sport too. It is an absolute privilege to be involved in the way I am.”

For more information about the Bridgestone R10 and the company’s full range of motorbike product, visit www.bridgestone.co.uk/moto/