Bike Tyre Store


Motorcycle tyres are potentially the single most important part of any motorcycle (after the engine!) and today's superbike tyres are highly advanced technological products which need to be sold by experts who can advise on the best possible fitment for any bike and rider according to the type of machine and riding involved.

Incorrect advice can cost your customers money, spoil their riding experience and be positively dangerous !

Supported by technical backup on our freephone number 0800 281 413 and hands on training, leading to the award of a Motorcycle Tyre Specialist Technician Certificate of Competence, we can deliver tyre expert status to your Dealership or Store and this will help you to:

  • MAXIMISE quality tyre sales
  • SECURE repeat business
  • GUARANTEE customer satisfaction
  • and GAIN extra profitability

Come on board with World Of Bike Tyres today! Call-free now on 0800 281 413 to arrange your Training appointment.