Michelin is launching its new range of motocross tyres

Michelin is launching its new range of motocross tyres, MICHELIN StarCross 5. It consists of four different versions corresponding to four types of terrain or uses, Hard, Medium, Soft and Sand

The NEW MICHELIN StarCross 5 is now available for delivery for most dimensions and 110/90-19 will be added in December 2015 for Soft and Medium. The Hard and Sand versions of this size will be available mid 2016. For this size, and until there is availability of MICHELIN StarCross 5, Michelin continues to offer the MICHELIN StarCross MS3 / MH3 and HP4, with associated front 80/100 – 21 MICHELIN StarCross MS3 and MH3.

Specific Front Patterns
For hard soils, the contact patch on top of tread blocks is maximised compared with the soft option where the tread is designed to ‘bite’ into the soil for enhanced traction. This keeps the equivalent contact patch whatever the lean angle. For soft soils, the central tread blocks are split in two to ease their penetration in the ground.

Specific Rear Patterns
As for the fronts, the groove ratio of the rear tyre is adapted to the type of terrain: the softer the ground, the more the groove ratio is increased. The intermediate tread blocks of the Soft and Medium versions are positioned in staggered rows to reduce handling issues when changing direction/angle.

All the NEW MICHELIN StarCross tyres now feature:
• Self cleaning tread to enhance traction
• Aggressive tread blocks to increase grip at maximum lean angles – whatever the terrain
• Lighter casing design for easier and quicker handling – without compromising strength or durability