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Maria experiences Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 with Ron Haslam

I can’t put into words how privileged I felt to ride on the back with Grand Prix legend Ron Haslam, even though people kept saying to me how brave and mental I must be, it was the experience of a life time, when I went out with Ron at Silverstone.

Getting on track for the first lap, it was still very wet as it had been raining all morning, but we were glad to see the sun starting to appear.

The first lap Ron was obviously just warming up and getting a bit of heat into the tyres, unknown to me I didn’t think he’d go much faster than he did in the first two laps as the track was still very wet, but I was very much proven wrong as Ron didn’t hesitate hitting a speed of 150 mph as we went into the 3rd and 4th lap.

Ron obviously felt very comfortable with the level of grip he was getting from the S20 tyres to be going at that speed then braking into an angle with the extra weight of me on the back. I was sincerely impressed, not only with Ron but with the performance of the tyres and the way in which the tyres handled the cornering so well. Ron wouldn’t normally offer a pillion ride in the wet but he obviously has a lot of faith in the S20 to not only do the job its supposed to do but to excel in areas not expected of it, this is after all, a hypersport tyre.

The wet conditions really showed off just what the S20 could do, especially with me hanging on the back, it really showed just how much the tyre could clear water and grip to the tarmac at every angle. I heard nothing but positive feedback all day about the S20 from other riders and customers who had gone out and ridden that day.

Although riding in the wet isn’t the most pleasurable experience, it proved the reputation of the tyre very well, getting nothing but glowing feedback for this all round fabulous tyre !

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