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UPDATE: From mid-2015 onwards, Rubena products will be rebranded to the name of the new owners of the product range, Mitas.

European manufacture, and top quality design and quality will continue and evolve even further with the benefit of the huge resources available from association with Mitas.

Rubena Tyres


Rubena is a European manufacturer of bicycle tyre products and Bike Tyrestore is Sole UK Trade Distributor for this brand which, although new to the UK, is a Market Leader worldwide.

The range of products is produced to the highest standards, and Rubena-shod riders win titles across the field of competitive cycling.

2012 saw the UK launch of Rubena into this market-place and Bike Tyrestore Trade Account Holders can buy Rubena at Trade prices, tapping into the escalating demand for everything to do with bicycles, as we build stock in response to the particular demands of UK Rubena customers.

Rubena e-catalogue can be viewed below, showing the manufacturer’s comprehensive offering, and a flavour of the Market Leading bicycle portfolio that makes, "Rubena – Winners’ Choice !"

Odds are, motorcycle tyre buyers also need cycle tyres for their other leisure and exercise pursuits.

Enter, Rubena, with a market-leading range of bicycle tyre products covering everything from commuter to mountain bike.

Available to Bike Tyrestore customers, and shippable with motorcycle or scooter tyre orders, Rubena can add an extra income stream to businesses looking to compensate for downturns in other traditional two-wheel sectors.

Here's a "Beginner's Guide" to the Rubena Top Design Series.

Zefyros - the hard pack tyre, designed for ultra-dry surfaces, this tyre will excel on rocky, technical terrain where the need for a shallow knobbled tyre is a must. With the option of Rubena’s dual compound Grey line series, this tyre really comes into its own on dry hard ground, where low drag and great traction are needed.

Scylla - a tyre with decent competition heritage. The tyre knobbles are of a height that bite into muddy terrain but are not so high as to increase drag and resistance on firmer surfaces. This tyre is a really great choice for all-round sport/competition riding.

Charybdis -, is a heavy ground and cross country tyre made in a slightly narrower format to bed down into wet and muddy deep conditions but is still nimble enough to pick its way through tree roots and downhill sections with ease.

Kratos - the heavy going tyre, the one for the worst the UK weather can throw at the rider whilst also suitable for dry, hard and rocky terrain. This new tyre features tall knobbles with a good spacing between them for great bite and self-cleaning properties. The tyre also features new serrated horse-shoe tread blocks designed to carve into heavy mud. Happiest in Autumn/Winter conditions where control in heavy conditions is king.

All Top Design series tyres featured above are available in 26” and 29” size options in single and dual compound, utilise Rubena’s 127 TPI (threads per inch) casing providing a lightweight carcass with less rolling resistance and, through the use of aramid beads, are supplied folded for ease of storage and stocking.