Mitas Sport Force+… ‘Zinging’ in the rain

Over 40 dealers were looking forward to a blast round Brands Hatch Indy Circuit on Monday 20th June, with the forecast weather being dry and sunny.

Their bikes were all shod with Mitas Sport Force+, sport radial tyres, supplied FOC by the manufacturer, but, shock horror, the day dawned wet, and soon torrential rain turned the Indy Circuit into something resembling a river.

Mitas Sport Force+ is a tyre made in Europe, so wet grip comes as standard, but it’s a new product so its street-cred was about to be tested, and tested by riders of whom many were used to riding on track using semi-race rubber.

Damp laps turned into sodden ones, but Mitas Sport Force+ never stepped out of line, and later, as the track finally dried out and speeds increased, riders reported lap times only slightly slower on this sport radial tyre, than recorded using the semi-race rubber of previous runs at Brands.

Think about that, when it comes to value and durability.

Ten out of Ten, for Mitas Sport Force+ … the new European option for sport radial tyre buyers, now proven to deliver !